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Your laundry is delivered in as little as 24 hours from pickup

Are you Looking for Duvet or Blanket Dry Cleaning in London?

We provide Duvet cleaning services all across London between 48 to 72 turnaround time. Duvet cleaning is one of the most challengeing and physically exausting cleaning jobs you can do; so why take all the hassel when you can simply order from our app. Our experts will process your duvet depending whether it requires washing ( for Cotton/ synthetic) or Dry clean (down duvet type). We are the finest duvet cleaners and specialists in London, we naturally air dry the duvets to avoid the material to be damaged before placing duvets in a industrial conventional air heaters to give maximum softness and looking good as new. We highly recommend washing your duvet every quaterly, with our duvet free collection there are no hidden charges; Think of us as a duvet cleaning near me service.

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Your clean laundry is delivered

Your laundry is delivered in as little as 24 hours from pickup

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Your clean laundry is delivered

Your laundry is delivered in as little as 24 hours from pickup

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Gozipper not only provides cleaning of dirty laundry but also provides pickup and delivery service which guarantees the importance of being punctual in our firm and life. Our respected members will take your dirty laundry on your simple call and take it from your doorsteps exactly on time and after the cleaning process, will deliver it to your doorsteps on time. Moreover, Gozipper also has dry-cleaning service so you can rest assure when all your work is being done in our safe hands. Quality Cleaning: Our laundry pros know how to take care of your clothes and give them finest cleaning to make you feel fresher every time you wear them. Time Flexibility: We value your time and understand how busy you are hence, Gozipper offers 24/7 pickup and delivery service so you don’t need to wait for any specific day unlike traditional laundry to get your clothes cleaned. You can book pickup and delivery any time any day that best suits your busy schedule. You also get various options of delivery ranges from same day, next day or after two days delivery.   Pay As You Go: We realize that every month you have to pay a lot of bills so with Gozipper you don’t have to get any monthly subscription instead book as per your affordability. You can pay for these services using your card through secure ssl stripe. Special Deals and Discounts: You can enjoy seamless laundry pickup and delivery service and still pay less by availing special deals and discounts to save up on your money.