Super easy! Visit our website, Just enter your postcode and choose the services you require, select an available time slot for pickup and delivery. You are all set to place a new order!
One of our skilled pickup pilots will be there within the pickup window you selected to collect your laundry and/or dry cleaning. They will walk you through the process if you don’t understand and answer any questions you may have!
No problem! We provide you with a folded laundry bag and a folded dry cleaning bag to keep
We offer a “24 hour Guarantee” service
With Gozipper you have the ability to follow your laundry through every step of the process
Yes you can, We know sometimes the day does not go as planned. Go to “My orders” and select the order you wish to reschedule.
Yes- Just Email ( to let us know what the alternative address is. Please be sure to include any instructions we may need to know to ensure we can make the delivery a success!
Please ensure that you separate wash & tumble dry in one bag and dry cleaning/ ironing laundry in the other. Your pickup pilot will offer to guide you through the process whilst collecting your items.

Billing and payment

You can pay either by debit card or credit card. We accept all major credit cards. All transactions are securely processed through a service called Stripe, which is one of the safest ways, with solid encryption using SSL.
Yes, we operate with a minimum order charge of £20
It is very simple- Login using your existing email address and password, Click on “my account” and add a your new card details.
We offer wash & tumble dry, Dry cleaning, wash and iron and special cleaning services, which vary in price. To view our detailed price page click here.
We authorise the payment method to make sure that there are sufficient funds available in your account. The authorisation will be released back to you upon the completion of the order, so there is nothing to worry about

Cleaning process

After your clothes are picked up by a member of our pilot team, they are taken to one of our processing facilities where we ensure your clothes are cleaned with the utmost care. Wash and tumble dry orders are weighed, Wash & Iron/ Dry cleaning items are individually processed and catagorised. Once processed, Items are ready for delivery to your door.

We follow best practises for cleaning all Wash & Tumble dry orders we receive. This includes separating lights and darks (Charged separately), Washing at 30 degrees celsius and using medium heat for drying.

We provide the option to choose scented or hypoallergenic detergents. If you have special request or preference, just email us at or alternatively you can speak to one of customer support team on our chat so that we can action on your request.

Whether it is a new or a well-worn treasured garments, everyone hates to stain their clothing. We understand and will always use our best efforts to make stains go away. Sometime it is pretty easy- sometimes not. Either way, we have the professional expertise to do the job.
Should there be an issue with your laundry, email to customer care within 24 hours of receiving your items and we will make every effort to resolve the matter to your satisfaction.
We take missing items extremely serious. We encourage you to open your laundry bag as soon as they are delivered to confirm that all is well. In that rare event please email as soon as possible with details or alternatively you can speak to one of customer support team on our chat - we treat each case individually and make our best efforts in resolving them.


If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here. Alternatively you can send us a request on the customer support chat and we will assist to send you a temporary password
Login to your account, under Personal Information. Just click the edit button, insert your new contact details and press save.
A history of all your past orders, including receipts and breakdowns, is available for you in your account under order history. The receipt is prepared within 24 hours after delivery.
You can enter your promo code on the same screen you select your order, delivery date and time. Please have in mind that you can only use one voucher per order.


If you cancel within 3 hours before your scheduled pick up time, the cancellation will be free of charge. If you are not able to do so, please contact our customer support chat, and we'll assist you in this process.

Contact us

Don’t worry. Simply contact us via live chat or by email at and our team will gladly assist you.